anbox-platform-sdk  1.13.0
Anbox Platform SDK API documentation


A collection of example platform plugins are provided with Anbox Platform SDK to help developers get started with plugin development. The following examples are included:

  • Minimal platform - A platform plugin which provides a simplistic implementation of a platform plugin to demonstrate the general plugin layout.
  • Audio Streaming Platform - A platform plugin providing a more advanced example of how a platform plugin can process audio and input data. It accepts audio data from Anbox and uses libav to encode and stream it over RTP to an on demand connected client. In addition this plugin shows how Anbox uses the OpenGL ES drivers which are specified in platform plugin.

Build the example platform plugins

On Ubuntu 18.04, the following build dependencies are required to build examples (in addition to the build requirements of the SDK itself):

$ sudo apt install libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev

After the required dependencies are installed, you can build the examples with the following commands:

$ cd <path to anbox platform sdk>/examples
$ cmake . -Bbuild
$ cd build
$ make -j$(nproc)

The example platform plugins follow the naming convention platform_<plugin name>.so and can be found within the corresponding sub directory of the build directory.

Test the example platform plugins

Each platform plugin can be tested with the provided anbox-platform-tester utility. The following command will execute all unit tests and provide a printout of the platform plugin test results.

$ <path to anbox platform sdk>/bin/anbox-platform-tester <path to plugin>/platform_<platform name>.so